Jeff Ittel Review One Man Two Votes by J Russ Briley
One Man Two Votes “Amazing read, if you like Dan Brown or John Grisham you will love J Russ Briley. Subject so pertinent to what’s happening in Washington today. Can’t wait to read his next novel.” – Jeff Ittel –      

“Awesome Storyline, definitely a page turner!”

Carolyn ONeal Review five stars for One Man Two Votes
“Hold on to your seats! If you like action and intrigue, One Man Two Votes is the book for you.   Fans of John Grisham will love the deep mysteries within mysteries of this frightening yet very realistic story of politics and cover ups and money and power!   Whew! […]

If you like action and intrigue, this is the book ...

Why do authors push for reviews?
Why do authors push for reviews? Aren’t reviews stressful, even painful? Because more is better on Amazon! They want to see at least 50 reviews on a book—and since Amazon controls the book market, they get to make the rules. Good or bad, glowing or painful, reviews are critical to […]

Why do authors push for reviews?

Book Release the wake by connie johnson hambley
Connie Hambley imbues her stories with realism and the sensory feelings of life on a horse farm. Having lived on one, it comes as no surprise her heroine Jessica is a world-class equestrian. How she gets involved in the game of geopolitical warfar…well you’ll just have to read it to […]

Book Launch: The Wake, by Connie Johnson Hambley

Both books of the Washington D.C. thriller series by best selling author J Russ Briley are on book shelves now. Get yours now! Here is the link:

On Book Shelves Now!

A five-star review just in on Two Dirty For D.C. Thank You! Another Great Story from an up and coming Story Teller! August 30, 2017 I am proud to see Russ publish his second book and also honored to have had the chance to do an early read. Two Dirty […]

A five-star review just in on Two Dirty For D.C. ...

The first review of Two Dirty For D.C. is in!
The first review of Two Dirty For D.C. is in! From P.A. Duncan author of A War Of Deception. “I had the opportunity to beta-read this book before publication, and it’s definitely a page-turner. Very timely, especially now. Tense situations, heightened action, and lots of subterfuge. I used to work […]

The first review of Two Dirty For D.C. is in!

Haven’t read the first book in the series, One Man Two Votes? No problem, the books can be read out of order, but watching Robert and Grady “learn something” is fun too. Here is the link  

Haven’t read One Man Two Votes?

Coming Sunday Two Dirty For D.C.
The wait is almost over. This Sunday, August 27th, the newest thriller from J Russ Briley arrives. Two Dirty For D.C. with Robert Carlton and Grady Barlow battling to save Washington D.C. again.  

This Sunday! Two Dirty For D.C. Arrives

Two Dirty For D.C. Street Advertisement
I have been asked by many. “What is the story about?” Here is the short version. Two Dirty For D.C. Five Soviet grain irradiators filled with Cesium 137 have been smuggled out of Kazakhstan. A CIA agent finds them on a Venezuelan freighter but is discovered before he can report […]

What is Two Dirty For D.C. about?

Two Dirty For DC wraparound cover A novel by J. Russ Briley
Book covers take time to create. There are a lot of things to consider:  message, impact, shelf appeal, and most importantly, how a cover makes the reader feel. But you might be surprised to hear that the work on a cover often begins before the book is finished. This means […]

The Wraparound Book Cover: The Hardest to Design:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Coming August 27th, 2017 / New Thriller by J Russ Briley – Two Dirty For D.C. Virginia – August 6th, 2017 – Liz Russel Productions, LLC Publishing announces the release of the latest thriller from Author J Russ Briley on August 27th, 2017. Titled Two Dirty For […]

Two Dirty For D.C. Release date set – August 27th

It is not a question of if, but who. Russia, China, a small terrorist group, these are obvious threats. How about our own government; have you considered that? How big a threat is it? Can they really affect the election outcome? The answer to that last one is “YES!”. How […]

Who could hack the vote?

One Man Two Votes book cover
In their article, Del Wilber and Brian Bennett of MSN make some excellent points. It would be hard given the mish-mash system we have for voting in the US. “Could Russian hackers mess with the U.S. election results? It wouldn’t be easy; here’s why” I agree with them. In my […]

LA Times Article Asks “Could Russians Hack the Vote?”

VWC Symposium
Liz Russel and I will be speaking at the symposium on “The Author-Editor Relationship”.  

Speaking at the Virginia Writer’s Symposium

On Saturday we took the Novel to the Virginia Festival of the Book. It is an annual event and the biggest writer’s conference in the state. John Grisham was the speaker at the opening luncheon. Yes, THE John Grisham.   We were at the festival with fellow authors of the […]

John Grisham opens the Festival

One Man Two Votes ranked #3 in top ten
One Man Two Votes hits #3 on Amazon’s Espionage Thriller list, and climbs to #4 on Amazon’s Terrorism Thriller list, Jan. 16, 2016. J Russ Briley joins the ranks of top authors Tom Clancy and John Grisham with this fast-paced thriller, captivating readers with twists and turns, and keeping them guessing to the end. Charismatic […]

One Man Two Votes Hits #3 on Amazon

One Man Two Votes Featured on Goodreads
My novel is being featured now on Goodreads in the Spy and Special Operations group. I’m thrilled to have the honor. This group is “Dedicated to those who love spy, spec-ops, and clandestine books from Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, David Morrell, Barry Eisler, Brad Thor…Ludlum, Silva, Berenson, Griffin…”. It is […]

Featured on Spy/Spec Ops Group

A big shout-out to everyone who has bought and is reading my book! I really appreciate you, and the great comments and questions you’ve been sending me. Many of you have said you’ve been telling your friends about the book, and I can’t express how grateful I am to you. […]

One Man Two Votes makes top 250 on Amazon