One Man Two Votes

Now available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle.

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Grady’s rear view mirror fills with flames, smoke, and arcs of phosphorous from the explosion that destroyed his home moments ago. Inside, his assailant’s bloodied body crisps rapidly in the heat amidst the inferno. “What has Robert gotten us into?” Grady thinks as he speeds away, desperately wondering where to hide.

Robert and Grady have been thrown into the complex politics and power of national security and the secret service. Nothing is as it seems, but the two men must figure out who is pulling strings before their deadline approaches. Grady’s split lip is a reminder that freedom comes at a price, and Robert’s family and carefully planned career will pay a toll before the nightmare is over.

“One Man Two Votes” is a modern political thriller. Robert Carlton, Associate US Attorney General and Lt. Col. Grady Barlow find themselves embroiled in the violent world of Washington D.C. politics and the NSA. The new national electronic voting system is threatened from within, and the stakes are high.

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