Who could hack the vote?

It is not a question of if, but who. Russia, China, a small terrorist group, these are obvious threats. How about our own government; have you considered that? How big a threat is it? Can they really affect the election outcome? The answer to that last one is “YES!”.

How is this possible and where is it most likely to happen?

Our mistake is we focus on the security surrounding the voting machine. People who still vote on paper,

or punch card think they are safe. They’re not.

Are voting machines the next target of Russian hacking? One security expert thinks so.
by Kara Swisher

You can read her full article HERE.

Electronic Voting Maching

It takes the same effort to hack each computer or server. So changing one voter polling place takes the same amount of time as it would for a whole district. You see the totals from each poll are rolled up to the county, then state. So why not hack each place where the totals are collected instead of the If the election is one sided, then no one would know what happened. Think our local pollsters will compare notes with other counties to make sure the totals are right? Do you believe they will do it? Tell me what you think.

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