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After 35 Years – Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Replaces Army M9

Sig Sauer P320 ousts Beretta M9

P320 Sig SauerAfter 35 years, the Army is retiring the standard-issue Beretta M9 and has chosen Sig Sauer to build their new 320MHS pistol which Sig calls the P320.

This is important news to authors who write mysteries and thrillers. What will happen to the hundreds of thousands of M9s? A similar Sig to the new 320 has been available for a couple years to civilians. Should our characters switch? The new pistol is modular and can use 9mm .357sig and .40s&w ammunition. Is there an opportunity for plot twists based on these facts? What does modular really mean?

At first glance, I was displeased. In this new era of America first, we picked Sig, a German manufacturer, but then we had an Italian Beretta before. Yes, I know the Sig will be built in New Hampshire, but a BMW built in South Carolina is still a German car. This forces me to ask a difficult question.

“What is so special about this pistol, that a USA company can’t make it?”

Great weapons should be simple and reliable if they are to be trusted in combat. Simple is a relative term, and both attributes come from design and workmanship. So, I guess US gun manufacturers will need to confess. We either lack the skill or cost too much, and the cost includes the price of executive management and overhead, not just labor.

While we argue the point, I have one final question.

“Will David Baldacci’s hero carry a P320 now instead of the M9?”

Read more about it in Wired Magazine.


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