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What is Two Dirty For D.C. about?

I have been asked by many. “What is the story about?”

Here is the short version.

Two Dirty For D.C.

Five Soviet grain irradiators filled with Cesium 137 have been smuggled out of Kazakhstan. A CIA agent finds them on a Venezuelan freighter but is discovered before he can report their destination. A Russian mastermind has infiltrated factions of the US government and is plotting to smuggle the irradiators into the country in a way no one expects. His dirty bombs will put countless Americans at risk for radiation poisoning, and slow, painful deaths. Robert Carlton, the US Deputy Attorney General, and Lt. Col. Grady Barlow realize, too late, that their actions have helped the Russian and his wealthy investors. Time is running out. They must risk everything to stop the Russian from detonating his bombs.

Available August 27th on Amazon

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