Puerto Rico Hurricane Damage

Puerto Rico Hurricane Devistates Places We Love

We wonder, how many of our favorite places have been destroyed? We love the islands of the Caribbean so much that I put them in a key role of Two Dirty For D.C. my second Thriller. We’ve traveled there many times and sailed there even more. The book describes many of our favorite places to go, eat, and enjoy the island life on St. John’s, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico.

Here is a video of what Puerto Rico is like now, after the hurricane Maria.

Will the restaurants in the book still be there? How long before the beauty of the island is restored? Here are some excerpts from the book.

Puerto Rico was new to all three of them. Each had been through the airport on the way to other destinations, but none had ventured outside the building…San Juan seemed somehow more familiar to the three than they’d expected. Being so much a part of the U.S. made it an easy travel experience. Everything flowed smoothly, with none of the uncomfortable barriers or colloquialisms of some of the smaller islands.


Their day started at seven-thirty. An aide met Robert, Grady, and Mary at breakfast and drove them to the State Department of Puerto Rico, located in the Palacio de la Real Intendencia. It was a classic white colonial building, located just west of the Plaza de Armas. Mary was the first to spot that famous square as they drove by its well-known round fountain.

“There it is!” She exclaimed excitedly. “We studied the square in architecture class. The fountain statues depict the four seasons. My favorite is ‘Winter.’”

It was hard to miss. The large statue of a bearded man completely covered in a heavy blanket from top to bottom stood out distinctively in the warm sunshine, while summer’s half-naked Venus-styled woman stood across the fountain.

“Classical with an original spin,” Robert commented as they passed the square. “Winter looks almost modern in style compared to the other figures.”It’s all over a hundred and fifty years old.” Mary’s rapt gaze drank in the historic buildings.


Once back at the hotel, Grady enthusiastically announced, “We have to have mallorcas for breakfast in the morning.”

Robert looked queasy. “You know that our flight doesn’t give us much time for finding a breakfast spot,” he tried. He wasn’t sure he wanted to get on a long flight after eating local dishes.

“No, really, Robert, you’ll love this.” Grady’s enthusiasm was overflowing. “It’s sweet bread with fillings. The place they gave me directions to has the best café con leche in San Juan. It’s on the way to the airport, so we won’t waste any time getting there.”

“Okay, I’m in.” Robert gave up. He’d been thinking about ordering room service–scrambled eggs dry, toast, and bacon. Maybe coffee. He figured that if nothing else, the café con leche would be all right.

I wonder–will that breakfast spot with the fabulous mallorcas and café con leche be there when we go back?

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