You’re Addicted to Your Phone

You’re Addicted to Your Phone

You’re Addicted to Your Phone

I recognize your symptoms because I have the same disease.

You can’t put it down, can you? Right now. Put your phone down in another room and walk away. Let’s see if you can do it. Put the phone down for one hour and don’t pick it up no matter what. The phone ringing is no excuse. When was the last time you got an emergency call? Can’t remember can you, so put it down because voice mail YO.

Couldn’t do it? Did you feel that itch to know something? Perhaps you didn’t know what to do with yourself. Did you cheat and turn on the TV to feed your addiction? Don’t blame yourself. You come from a family of addicts. Your parents interrupted dinner to get the phone or answer the doorbell. They had no idea who it was but it might be important and rarely was. From the time you were born, you’ve been number two behind the phone ringing or the ding dong at the door.

Enter technology with record-a-call and all the advances since. Technology has made things better right? All those apps on your phone are real time savers. Well maybe not. Take a look at your phone and tell yourself which apps save time and which ones make you look at something you don’t need. Really, you’ve never gotten a notice that led you with three clicks to a picture of someone’s pet? Really? Well, how about a picture of their kids or expresso art? You’ve been there, haven’t you and all that time scrolling past things adds up too.

It’s not just your phone. Some technology even appears helpful. Now you can pause your TV show; your family goes on pause by picking up their phones so it’s okay you walked away. Text messages take less time than a call, so that worked, too didn’t it? No interruptions from inconsequential knowledge there. Email, wow think of the time we have saved over letters in the snail box. If only all that advertising junk wasn’t there. Streaming video certainly fixed the excess time we spend looking at the boob-tube watching useless shows between the good ones. Now we can binge good shows without commercials. Yeah, that saved a bunch of time. Not!

So, take a careful look at your phone and try to walk away. Put it down when you get home and don’t pick it up until you go to work. Try it. Put it in airplane mode when you’re in a meeting or with friends and hide from view. Better yet, leave it behind.

Still don’t believe me? Perhaps you will believe Facebook’s engineer who invented the “Like” button Justin Rosenstein or Loren Brichter who designed the pull-to-refresh mechanism, first used to update Twitter feeds. Listen to what they have to say about your addiction in this well written article. It is worth your time.

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