Netflix holds customers hostage Thanksgiving Day

Netflix holds customers hostage Thanksgiving Day

Netflix stopped access to my prepaid membership unless I agree to their new prices beginning Dec. 23rd.

Wait…What? They won’t let me watch a movie on Thanksgiving Day unless I click OK? That’s right and it’s wrong!

Netflix covered their legal butts by letting me cancel on their website. I can even click cancel on the screen message, but denial of service I paid for is just plain wrong. Here is the screen image and my freshly cooked turkey.

Netflix message Thanksgiving Day Netflix message Thanksgiving Day

It says “Your Netflix price is increasing to $10.99 on December 23. Our updated pricing is part of our commitment to improve Netflix, so you have even more of what you like to watch waiting for you. Thanks for being a loyal member. ‘See Other Choices’ or ‘OK’ If you do not wish to continue your membership, you can always cancel at

So my choice is to agree or leave, but if I want to watch my show today on my membership which is still good, I have to agree to the new price. That’s it.

What a great holiday present from Netflix. The kids are watching TV and Netflix sends an ultimatum on Thanksgiving Day. Agree now to a 10% increase or leave. So much for the government’s claim of less than 2% inflation.

Yes, I have the right to cancel. Thank you very much, Netflix. You picked a heck of a day to tell me to pay up or get the hell out.


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