You’re Addicted to Your Phone
You’re Addicted to Your Phone I recognize your symptoms because I have the same disease. You can’t put it down, can you? Right now. Put your phone down in another room and walk away. Let’s see if you can do it. Put the phone down for one hour and don’t […]

You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Chinese Aircraft Carrier
I wrote a paper when I was in the Air Force about the impact of a Chinese Aircraft Carrier Group and what it would mean when they got two of them. Notice I said “when” and “two”. So far they have one operational carrier and are working on the second. […]

What a Chinese Carrier Group means

Our first snow to land safely this winter season. We had flakes three times before, but these are the first to survive impact without disappearing into an ectoplasmic puddle of their former crystalline beauty. Please follow and like us:

First 16-17 snowfall

It is not a question of if, but who. Russia, China, a small terrorist group, these are obvious threats. How about our own government; have you considered that? How big a threat is it? Can they really affect the election outcome? The answer to that last one is “YES!”. How […]

Who could hack the vote?